Friday, April 11, 2008

WASC meetup at RSA - pictures

WASC meetup at RSA was a huge success. More then 100 people showed up and it was a lot of fun sharing ideas and experiences with our peers. I am posting some of the pictures I took below.

Caleb Sima(HP), Robert Auger(WASC)

Neil Daswani (Google), Robi papp (Accuvant)

Pool was so much fun.

Dawn Van Hoegaerdan (Whitehat Security), Jermiah Grossman, Rachel Miller (Shift Communiations)

Dawn, James(SecTheory), Robert Hansen (SecTheory), Rachel Miller

Steve Orin(intel), Billy Hoffman(HP)

Bryan Sullivan (Microsoft)

Dan (Mozilla), Robert Kelly

Jeff Gall (Whitehat Security)

Heather Cason (Breach Security, Stephanie Fohn (CEO - Whitehat Security)

Daniel Herrera and Mitch Poortinga(Whitehat Security) with James (SecTheory)

Andy Steingruebl (Paypal)

The food was delicious

Sheeraj Shah(BlueInfy), Nish Bhalla (SecurityCompass), Rohit Sethi(SecurityCompass)

Robert Auger (left) and Robert Hansen(right) ganging up on Dan from Mozilla (center). He is still standing strong (as you can tell)

Caleb Sima (HP) with Amit Klein (Trusteer)

Dawn and Rachel with Amit klein

Dawn and Rachel with Steve Orin

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Unknown said...

Oh man!!! That must have been so much fun! I definitely need to join once :/

Anurag Agarwal said... should have been there. it was so much fun.

Anonymous said...

You missed it Romain!

- Robert
Posted from RSA

Anonymous said...

Wow, everything is so much blurrier than I remember. I must have been soberer than I thought...

Andy Steingruebl said...

It's ok, you can say who I work for.. hardly a secret if you just search for my name :)

Anurag Agarwal said...

Andy - Its done

Anonymous said...

So much, that we get 2 fingers (first picture)?