Thursday, October 11, 2012

Test your knowledge on Encryption with our latest quiz

After a summer of high profile attacks on encryption including password, credit card and private user information exposure, new attacks on SSL and just plain lack of encryption all together on important data, it seems like something as critical as implementing encryption through an organization is a difficult and expensive task requiring skilled experts. But with terabytes of information on basics of encryption over the Internet, the knowledge should not be beyond the reach of the average user.

This fall, we at MyAppSecurity have released a new quiz on encryption to test and educate yourself on the very basics of encryption. Armed with this knowledge, one can explore freely available resources online to further bolster their knowledge on the field of cryptography. You can test your knowledge of encryption at:

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Application Security Quiz

After speaking with a lot of developers we realized they are looking for a fun, quick way to enhance their knowledge about the secure coding aspects of development. We have put together a series of interactive quizzes which test security professionals’ and software developers’ secure development awareness while teaching them how to build more secure software. Please find links to the first two, below. The first quiz is based on the OWASP Top Ten Project and the second quiz is based on best practices of secure coding.  

The OWASP Top 10 is a list detailing the most critical software security risks facing organizations with the goal of raising awareness about application security. Based on this knowledge an organization can measure the strength of its application security controls in place and determine what counter-measures to open threats need to be put in place.OWASP ( 
Try out your knowledge of these Top 10 threats by taking our quiz: 

Secure Coding:
The most efficient solution to managing one’s application security risk is to take security into consideration right from the very beginning of the software development process and ensure that security is built in at every phase of the adopted software development lifecycle. This can be made possible by developers well educated on the available security resources needed to write secure code. Test your secure development awareness by taking our quiz:

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