Monday, August 11, 2008

WASSEC Project Leader Change Announcement

There is going to be a new project leader (Brian Shura : bshura73_at_gmail_dot_com) for WASSEC (Web Application Security Scanner Evaluation Criteria) as of today. The leadership change will help me free up some time to work on other projects.

We've identified an excellent candidate who will take over WASSEC from where I left. I have already given him an overview of the project, its status and the contributors. I will be helping him initially in the background until he comes upto speed and will continue to assist him should he need any help from me in the future. His Bio is mentioned below

"Brian Shura is in charge of web application security for a large financial institution. He regularly conducts application security assessments using both manual and automated techniques, and has led formal product evaluations of security scanners and web application firewalls.

Prior to his role in application security, Brian spent five years working as a developer on large Internet-facing websites. When not working on web application security initiatives, Brian enjoys badminton, fishing, and hiking the Appalachian Trail."