Monday, November 19, 2007

AppSec 2007 pictures of breach party

OWASP and WASC AppSec Conference is over and it was by far the best conference i have ever been to. I was able to meet up with so many fantastic people, some of them i have exchanged emails with before and was good to see them in person. The conference topics and the presentation were really good. It was also my first time moderating a panel and it was a great experience. With such a sensitive topic, I was hoping the discussion would be a little bit more controversial but I guess since there was just one microphone, everyone was waiting for their turn and hence the discussion got a little dull. Or maybe the absece of google on the panel and microsoft getting a lot better in their security practice didnt help much :) It was a good discussion none the less.

Breach is building a reputation of throwing the best vendor parties during these conferences. Here are my set of pictures for the Tech Expo and the breach party.

RSnake flirting with the waitress

Pravir and Dinis Cruz sharing some thoughts

You get so many webappsec guys together and the lightning starts to come down. :)

From left : Jeremiah Grossman, Arian Evans, pdp, Myself, Ryan Barnett, Stefano DiPaola, Ory Segal and his colleague from IBM

pdp giving Arian a lesson on Web 2.0 hacking :)

Ryan Barnett, Stefano and Ory Segal (Happy to be here)

Whitehat Security Ops Team with few friends

Dinis Cruz and Arian Evans

Jeremiah, pdp and (i dont the person in the middle)

Ory Segal (enjoying the party)

The pictures below are of the Expo

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ory segal said...

I wasn't even at the OWASP conference, how the hell did you photoshop me into all these pictures?! ;-)

It was good to see you,