Monday, May 14, 2007

Phishing using google ads

I received an interesting phishing email today. Whenever I receive any such email I hover my mouse over the link to see the actual url behind the link. In this particular case, it caught my attention. It was pointing to I was a little bit surprised then I copied the actual url behind the link separately to see where is it pointing. Be careful before you click on the url.

Here is a copy of phishing email for exploiting google ads

Please visit the resolution center located here verify your identity and avoid the blocking of your account
Sincerely,PayPal Account Review DepartmentPayPal,an eBay Company

the actual url behind the link is


Carl said...

You've probably already googled this yourself, but there's a more detailed discussion about this at

Anurag Agarwal said...

I actually saw it after i posted and also saw the mention in Rsnake and Jeremiah's book on the same.

but thanks for pointing out.