Monday, April 23, 2007

WASC Meetup - April 18 - pictures

Sorry for the delay in this post. Last wednesday we had our WASC meetup in sunnyvale. Unfortunately the date coincided with OWASP san francisco chapter meeting and some infosec conference in toronto so we did not get as much attendance we expected but still some of us showed up. Jeremiah had already mentioned on his blog that everyone has to buy a beer for someone they havent met before. :)

Before you look at the pictures, i want to apologize for the quality since they were taken from my cellphone.

From left to right -
Comcor - looking at people he hasnt met before, thinking how much beer he will have to buy.
Jeremiah (whitehat) - thinking why am i so popular. everyone knows me so nobody will buy me a beer. Grrr
Brian Chess (Fortify Software) - laughing since there are a lot of people who will have to buy him a beer. He has no clue that he have to buy for them as well.

From left to right
Joe (Tivo) - All smiles since he got his beer.
Robert Auger (WASC) - asking the guy to buy drinks since he has never met him before.
??? - He didn't tell me his name. maybe he didnt want to buy me a drink.

Left - comcor wondering do i really need to buy others a drink.
Right - Jeremiah (whitehat) smiling and enjoying his beer. Maybe he has a plan for someone to pay for it.

From left to right -

Cori (Google) - Looking at brian chess (right) to buy him a beer
Jeremiah (Whitehat) - Ordering appetizers for us (it was very nice of him)
Brian Chess (Fortify Software) - probably scared..he doesn't want to buy Cori a beer

Left - Frederick Lee (Fortify Software) wondering what did i do to deserve this.
Right - Joe (Tivo) - probably thinking how to get jeremiah to pay for everybody's beer. You can see a smile on his face

From left to right -
Andy (Paypal), Robert Auger (WASC), Joe (Tivo)
Everybody happy since Jeremiah picked the tab.

All the jokes apart, it was fun getting to know people who are in bay area and hopefully we will do it again sometime in the next couple of months. This time we will make sure that it doesnt coincides with other events.

Special thanks to Jeremiah for bringing all of us together.


grutz said...

The other conference was in Vancouver, not Toronto. :)

Anurag Agarwal said...

thanks for correcting me :)