Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Did you SEEC it yet?

I am pleased to announce SEEC - An application security search engine. This search engine is powered by google and is application security specific. It is still in beta release. You can access it here - SEEC

well, SEC is short for security and SEEK means to find, hence SEEC (find within security)
Please do leave your comments and feedback on what your thoughts are on SEEC.

Also, few weeks ago i released AttackLabs - a website to display proof of concepts of various web application attacks. It has two PoC to begin with and i am currently working with jeremiah to display all his PoC on the site. If you wish to display your Proof of concepts on the site, then please feel free to submit your attack on www.attacklabs.com or you can email me at anurag.agarwal@yahoo.com

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